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Bergen County Dental Society


When planning future dental continuing education for the Bergen County Dental Society, the first

step involves identifying a particular need of a target group. Surely you can see that the needs of our

society would be quite different from, let’s say, the needs of our physician counterparts, not only in

the scope of the continuing education provided, but also the particular statewide regulations within

each group which sets the parameters for such continuing education. A NEEDS ASSESSMENT is

therefore utilized. A systematic set of procedures that are used to determine the particular needs of a

target group, examine their nature and causes, and set priorities for future action. They are conducted

to help THE BCDS Continuing Education Committee and the Executive Council identify and select the

right type of continuing education before actually conducting the continuing education event.

Important also in the decision making process is your valued input. Not only for supplying us with information

concerning your particular needs, but also in evaluating the continuing education seminars

we provide.


After each event, there are forms distributed, one to evaluate the lecture you have just attended and

another to help identify your needs for future events.

Please follow the links below to go to their respective pages. We need your assistance and we

THANK YOU in advance.





Part 1 Lecture Details

Part 2 Lecture Materials & Instructor Details

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