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Bergen County Dental Society



Of What Value is BCDS, NJDA, and ADA Membership


• Need legal advice about an employee issue?  Need legal advice about a patient issue?  Need legal advice about

a possible State Board issue?  NJDA has 2 lawyers that can give you guidance on these issues for FREE.  A value of



• Need affordable CEU courses?  Being a BCDS, NJDA and ADA member can help you meet CEU requirements while

saving you valuable dollars.


• Should you sign up for a new insurance plan?  NJDA has people who can tell you the pitfalls versus any upsides.  Then

you decide in an informed manner.  A value of membership.


• Do you need “informed consent” forms?  The NJDA web-site has these available for members.  They are FREE!  A

valuable service of membership.


• Need a loan?  Need new equipment, supplies, or going digital?  Need to explore insurance programs?  The NJDA

partners program gives you access to programs that give value to you as a member.


• Do you have plans for office expansion or renovation but don’t know the governmental rules?  NJDA can help to steer

you in the right direction for FREE.  


• Have you suffered a loss due to storm damage, are you ill and cannot practice, has there been a fire?  NJDA has a relief

fund to help in certain circumstances.  A value some members found after SANDY.


Membership allows you to access individuals of knowledge at no charge to you.  Programs are there for you to help you in the clinical side as well as the business side of your practice.  Many are free because you are a member.  You don’t have to go it alone, be a member.

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